Muhammad and Joseph Smith, Jr.: Spirit-Born Brothers

By Paul Derengowski, Ph.D.

With a Foreword by Henk Stoker, Ph.D.

In this extensively researched work, Dr. Derengowski examines the parallels between Muhammad and Joseph Smith, Jr. as well as the religions they started, Islam and Mormonism.  Follow along as he looks at the fascinating similarities between these two men and the communities and beliefs they founded.  The three main sections of the book examine their spiritual parallels, revelational parallels, and relational parallels.  An extensive appendix follows with additional details.

This book will help the reader to understand the similarities between these two men and their religions as well as provide the Christian the necessary information to know how they relate to the Christian faith.

The book will be released on March 7th, 2019 by St. Polycarp Publishing House. Pre-order now!